The Draw of Shopping Online for Auto Insurance Quotes

shopping for car insurance online

Five years ago, Internet sales only accounted for 4 percent of all auto insurance purchasing transactions.

Now, shopping for auto insurance online accounts for30 percent of all the policies sold.According to ComScore, a digital research company, a 2009 surveyindicated that of those shopping for auto insurance, 63 percent of them went online to secure quotes.Although you may be wondering about this industry growth spurt, it just shows that more people are relying on the web for finding affordable auto insurance .

Shopping Smart

Shopping fantasies for nearly any item can beintoxicating andthere are certain attributes of doing the deed online that are perfectly suited to the auto insurance industry. Since phone calls are so 1999, the Internet is the best tool for buying auto insurance because of:

  • Comparison Shopping: Consumers need to make thousands of decisions and the web is a great educational device for the process. Comparison shopping is the act of weighing options so you can make the best purchasing decision, and if done correctly you cansave money. When it comes to auto insurance, the Internet is the best resource for gathering and presenting online car insurance options quickly and easily.
  • Saving Time: Americans are noted multi-taskers who constantly try to fit 26 hours of tasks into a 24-hour day. No one can argue that researching auto insurance online is a huge time saver. There are portals dedicated specifically to the task of online car insurance and nearly every insurance provider has their own site. Online searches take seconds compared to the time suck of making individual phone calls, so why waste another moment.
  • Saving Money: Every insurance provider is vying for your policy dollar. Utilizing the web to shop for auto insurance can provide price quotes with a click. If you don’t like the price of the first option, you can immediately find another choice that fits into your budget.
  • Nearly Unlimited Options: Since some people like chocolate ice cream while others prefer vanilla, ice cream parlors have flavor for nearly every palate. The web does the same thing for car insurance shoppers by providing you with an endless array of providers and insurance coverage levels.
  • Flexibility: Not everyone works 9-5 and they need to make their decisions at off hours. By shopping for auto insurance online, you can get the answers you seek based on your schedule as most online quote software works 24/7.
  • Second Opinion: For some, buyer’s remorse is an affliction that accompanies every purchase they make. If you feel like you need an outside opinion to back up your choice, links sent through IM and email to your lifeline of choice, can provide you with instant feedback regarding competitive auto insurance policies.

By following some rules to ensure both safety and accuracy of your quote, using the web to purchase auto insurance online will certainly work in your favor. Online consumers can find plenty of tools for making educated decisions regarding the auto insurance. By embracing the technology for your auto insurance needs, you too can experience why shopping for auto insurance online is the best way to find your policy.