’s 2010 Most (and Least) Expensive States to Insure a Car

Recently, released its list of the most and least expensive states to insure a vehicle. This list follows up on the most and least expensive cars to insure in the nation, which was released in March 2010.

Wondering about the average cost of auto insurance in your state? Read on…

Most Expensive States releases its annual list of the most and least expensive states to insure cars. This list was last updated April 9, 2010 and has found that the following states are the most expensive places to purchase auto insurance annually:

  • Louisiana: $2,510.87
  • Michigan: $2,098.29
  • Oklahoma: $1,869.39
  • Montana: $1,857.96
  • California: $1,774.41

Some other states that ranked high on the list included South Dakota; Washington, D.C.; Georgia; Illinois and Connecticut. New Jersey ranked as 22nd most expensive despite its ranking #1 on’s list for March.

Least Expensive States

On the other end of the spectrum are states that, on average, charged the least annually:

  • Maine: $902.85
  • Vermont: $968.58
  • Ohio: $999.86
  • Wisconsin: $1,010.93
  • New Hampshire: $1,011.23

Some other states ranked for the cheapest auto insurance rates in the country include Iowa, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Arizona and Tennessee.

About’s Rankings

In order to determine its state rankings, commissioned a survey from Quadrant Information Services and calculated the average auto insurance rates for more than 2,400 vehicles for model year 2010. notes that rankings should not be compared to the annual list of “average expenditures by state released by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which looks at what people actually spend for auto insurance rather than looking at how expensive it is whether it is purchased or not.

If you find that your state is offering pricier auto insurance rates than you’d like, don’t feel discouraged. Different companies offer different rates. By shopping around for auto insurance quotes, you’re likely to find a company that offers coverage cheaper than your state’s average.