Judge Rejects California Auto Insurance Ballot Change

California auto insurance

Supporters of a discount auto insurance initiative who hoped to request a November ballot change, were rejected by a Sacramento County judge, according to recent reports. The ballot change request was related to voter-guide statements about Proposition 33, an initiative meant to adjust some rules of California auto insurance.

Discount Auto Insurance Initiative Returns to Ballot

Proposition 33, a new discount auto insurance initiative that has been added to the 2012 ballot, has made a lot of noise in California.

The proposition is a revamped version of the 2010 initiative proposed to offer reductions in auto insurance costs to individuals who maintained continuous auto insurance and penalize individuals who allowed their coverage to lapse by raising their rates.

The 2010 initiative was rejected by voters, due to what were deemed excessive rate increases.

As a result, supporters, including Mercury Insurance chairman George Joseph, rewrote the discount auto insurance proposition to provide more allowances for individuals who allow their coverage to lapse. The new California initiative is to be voted on, among other issues, during the November elections.

California Auto Insurance Ballot Change Rejected

After Proposition 33 was added to the ballot, supporters of the California auto insurance initiative filed a lawsuit requesting changes to voter-guided statements they say are inaccurate. The primary statement they took issue with was the statement “changes law to allow auto insurance companies to set prices based on a driver’s history of insurance coverage.”

Judge Timothy Frawley of the Sacramento County Superior Court rejected the supporters’ request for changes to the statement, siding with the attorney general’s ballot title. Frawley also reportedly upheld opponents’ ballot arguments against the proposition, stating that he did not find them to be false.

Photo: DieselDemon