Michigan Passes Legislation to Change How Auto Insurance Rates are Set

The push for affordable auto insurance in Michigan finally is still moving as the Michigan House passed legislation that changed how auto insurance rates could be set in the state. In a 57-47 vote on Wednesday, Dec. 16, House members voted on the measure that would prohibit using a driver’s education level, credit history or occupation to determine rates.

A Number of Measures on the Table

This is just one of many measures – or proposed measures – that should help to lower rates for Michigan drivers. Some other measures still out on the table include won that requires companies to get prior approval from the state commissioner before raising rates, as well as one that would request a 20 percent decrease in rates.

Opposition on the Horizon

While drivers are likely to be very excited about all of the proposed changes that could lower rates significantly for them, the measures have faced opposition. Some members of the insurance industry have said that all of the different proposals would essentially drive up costs for motorists, as well as jeopardize jobs in the industry.

Reports show that while the Democrat-led House is willing to take up these issues, it is likely that Republican-led Senate will get involved.