More Drivers Buying Hybrid Vehicles

A recent survey from Ernst & Young shows that 1 in 10 U.S. drivers would consider purchasing hybrid vehicles, a benefit that could result in lower auto insurance premiums. According to the company’s Global Automotive Center on Thursday, Jan. 14, approximately 20 million Americans feel that going “green” may be the way for them.

Data from Ernst & Young Survey

In addition to finding that 10 percent of drivers surveyed would be interested in purchasing hybrid vehicles to help clean up the environment, Ernst & Young discovered that 34 percent of those surveyed would be equally as interested in subsidizing a charging station in their neighborhood to help promote hybrid vehicles to others.

How Going “Green” Lowers Your Auto Insurance

Many auto insurers have jumped on the hybrid-vehicle bandwagon and as a result have started offering discounts for these vehicles. Some insurers offer discounts of up to 10 percent for drivers owning hybrid vehicles fall into “preferred insured categories.” In other words, hybrid owners are revered as mature drivers who aren’t as likely to be reckless when behind the wheel.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a hybrid vehicle, the time is now to start comparing auto insurance quotes to see what types of discounts would be available for your car.

Would you be interested in purchasing a hybrid vehicle?