NAIC Recommends Military Personnel Review Auto Insurance

While military personnel are deployed continuously, many don’t consider the effects of leaving their auto insurance behind without reviewing them first and making necessary adjustments. According the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), this is a common practice that should be avoided because it can leave personal property and family members improperly protected.

Many times, military personnel will go off for training, knowing they will only be gone for a few months then forget to tend to their policies. Even worse, some travel overseas without giving their coverage a second look. However, during this time, the policy could lapse, leaving a family member who is still driving the car in danger of being uninsured.

This is why the NAIC offers special tips for military personnel:

  • Suspend part of your coverage – If you know that you will be deployed for a significant amount of time and won’t be driving your car, you can suspend part of your coverage to save on premium payments while you’re gone (you can find more information at the Department of Motor Vehicles Information for Military Personnel web page).
  • Check with your insurance company for policy limitations – Each insurance company is different and may have different limitations on what you can suspend temporarily. And some may not allow for temporary suspensions, in which case you may want to go with a different insurer to keep minimal coverage in case someone may need to move your car.

If you’re in the military and know you will need to leave your car behind, you don’t want to find yourself paying too much; however, you don’t want the car completely uninsured. So contact your insurance company and learn more from NAIC and the DMV so that you can properly cover your vehicle during the time you’re away.