New Jersey County Saves Nearly $250,000 in Auto Insurance Costs

It appears that government workers in Burlington County, New Jersey managed to save their county nearly $250,000 in auto insurance costs so far this year. According to a recent report from the county’s insurance risk claims manager, the savings represent a number of responsible actions conducted by the workers.

Safe driving as well as fewer accidents made a difference in the total amount paid since January 2009, according to officials. Paying a total of $1.76 million in New Jersey auto insurance costs, the county was able to hold on to approximately $243,369.

But these were not the only insurance costs saved by the workers. They were also responsible for saving $307,546 in worker’s compensation and general liability costs. This breaks down to roughly $34,000 in monthly savings.

The county takes pride in its safety and health training initiative for its workers and grants a great deal of savings credit to this. The program trains government employees on ways to properly fulfill their duties without jeopardizing their safety. County officials believe this helped to reduce the cost of total insurance claims from $2.58 million to $2.27.

Who knows, maybe some type of safety training program can help all drivers engage in safer practices on the road. Most drivers don’t take supervised driver’s training after driver’s education in 10th grade. Allstate Insurance has recently introduced simulation programs in Pennsylvania to assist seniors in driving safer. If the same, or similar, could be offered to everyone, maybe drivers across the country could benefit in the same way as Burlington County.

What do you think? Could some type of adult training or driving simulation program help make the roads safer and decrease insurance costs?