New Technologies Could Help Keep Roads Safer, Lower Auto Insurance

According to a recent New York Times article, some newer technologies being introduced may help reduce drivers’ need for cell phones and other portable devices – which could in turn keep roads safer and lower auto insurance coverage. So before heading back on the road with your portable device, it’s good to learn what’s out there that could help make your travel safer.

What Are the Newer Technologies?

There are a number of technologies on the market providing drivers with safer hands-free options. ZoomSafer, Aegis Mobility and obdEdge all provide services that use a phone’s GPS sensors to determine the driving speeds then disables the cell phone until the driver stops the car. Also, Ford and Microsoft are both selling systems that rely on voice commands to dial phones.

How They Could Help Lower Your Insurance Coverage

It’s no secret that safe driving helps to prevent car accidents – and reduced car accidents could result in lower auto insurance premiums. In other words, if you choose to take advantage of technology that could help to keep you more alert as you drive, you become a safer offensive and defensive driver. So while the technology is not known for providing you with an immediate auto insurance discount, your safe driving record could get you a discount depending on the auto insurance company you work with.

Currently, Congress is moving toward banning the use of mobile technology while driving, which could help keep the roads safer. But until this occurs, it is up to drivers to make wise choices on their own.