One in Seven Drivers Without Car Insurance

According to a newly-published report, an alarming one in seven drivers are going without car insurance.

The report comes from the Insurance Research Council and marks a growing trend of uninsured drivers on the roads.

Uninsured Drivers a Greater Threat

While any car accident can pose a great threat to those involved regardless of insurance, any driver involved in an accident without insurance carries with him a great financial burden to insurance companies, as well as both drivers involved. According to the Insurance Industry Committee on Motor Vehicle Administration, a way to solve the problem is to identify uninsured drivers then try to get them insured.

How to Get them Insured

While proof of financial responsibility is mandated in 48 states, Wisconsin and New Hampshire don’t require liability auto insurance. Also, to date, there is no universal plan to help drivers get the coverage they need; however, some states are chipping in to help drivers get insured. For instance, in California, low-income drivers have been offered cheaper coverage based on income and other requirements.

In addition, the Department of Transportation is working to make car insurance mandatory in all 50 states and is also trying to make sure that those states punish drivers without appropriate coverage. The department has also advised that auto insurance providers strongly consider lowering their prices so that drivers won’t feel that their only option is to drive without coverage.

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Are you currently or have you ever driven without auto insurance coverage?