Online Auto Insurance Purchases Up 22 Percent Last Year

A new report from comScore, Inc., a company that measures digital data, revealed that auto insurance purchases made by customers who shopped online increased 22 percent in 2009. The report, title 2010 U.S. Online Auto Insurance, found that the total number of online auto insurance purchases made was 2.8 million and the number of requests submitted was 38.8 million.

Consumers Sought to Save on Auto Insurance

According to the report, consumers spent more time online because they saw the Internet as a way to fulfill their need for cheaper auto insurance. The report noted that times have been especially tough since the recession, which has led many consumers to seek the web for ways to save. Undoubtedly, shopping around is a great way to lower coverage and the Internet offers great opportunities to comparison shop quickly and efficiently.

Ways You Can Save Too

It seems that the people in the report were able to have a good amount of success saving on auto insurance by shopping online. The good news is that you can too. Here are just a few ways to save:

  • Look for discounts: Finding discounts is a great way to lower your rates or finding cheaper auto insurance quotes.
  • Raise your deductible: By increasing your deductible amount, you can lower your initial quote and monthly premium.
  • Consider paying as you go: Programs like Progressive’s MyRate allow you to pay for the number of miles you drive instead of being charged for your credit score, past driving record, location, education, etc.

There are other ways to lower your auto insurance rates, especially when purchasing online. So consider taking the route so many others have tried and shop for auto insurance the new and improved way.