Progressive Announces Snapshot Program for Florida Drivers

Drivers in Florida now have a chance to take advantage of a new program offered by Progressive Insurance that could save them up to 30 percent on their coverage in 30 days. The company issued a press release on Monday announcing it would be offering Snapshot to allow Florida drivers the opportunity to pay less based on their driving habits.

What is Snapshot?

Snapshot offered by Progressive Insurance is a type of pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) auto insurance program that allows customers to pay for their coverage based on the number of miles they’ve driven and other driving habits. Here are some basics of the program:

  • Drivers install tracking device: Once drivers sign up for the program, Progressive will send them a device that plugs into the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port of their car. This device records and sends driving data to the company.
  • 30 days to determine driving habits: After 30 days with the device, the company will tell customers if they are eligible for a discount of up to 30 percent based on their driving habits. If so, the discount will be applied to their policy. Those who drive safer and less often see the biggest discount.
  • 6-month renewal discount determination: At the end of a six-month policy term, Progressive determines the renewal discount and the customer returns the device.

The program has been offered in other states around the country and is now being made available in Florida.

Is Paying as You Drive a Good Option?

Some drivers have expressed concern over the years toward PAYD programs because they feel that they compromise a person’s right to privacy while driving. However, if being tracked isn’t an issue then paying as you drive could be beneficial.

In the case of the Snapshot program, since the device is not plugged in the entire time that the person is a customer, it may serve as less of a deterrent than other PAYD programs. Drivers are only required to keep the device plugged in while providing of “snapshot” of driving habits.

Once the device is returned and the company has determined the discount, the driver will become a standard customer with a discounted premium (though the company did note that customers may be asked to plug the device in again to update driving-habit records).

Just keep in mind that while there are benefits to PAYD programs, there are other ways to receive auto insurance discounts. So before signing on with Snapshot, it’s good to review all options available to you.