Progressive Launches Social Responsibility Site

Auto insurer Progressive has recently announced its plans to formally report its social responsibility efforts with its new website Progressive Together. The purpose of the auto insurers new website is to allow consumers and others to see how the company keeps pushing its Core Values, which include treating others as they would want to be treated.

Whats On the Site?

On Progressives social responsibility site, you could find some of the following information:

  • Information on the companys business practices that are aimed at driving positive changes in car insurance.
  • Charitable activities and contributions of Progressive employees, agents and other partners.
  • Progressives Global Reporting Initiative scorecard and Carbon Disclosure Project report.
  • Information and resources on how site visitors could personally make a difference in Progressives initiatives.

As noted by representatives of the auto insurer, Progressive Together makes it easy for people to get a clear picture of what the company is doing and how it is working with others to make a difference.

Other Progressive Changes

In recent months, Progressive has also been in the news for making adjustments to the way it offers auto insurance coverage. For instance, the company released its MyRate Program, which allows you to pay less for car insurance by charging only for the miles you drive.

In addition, the company offered the Name Your Price component that allows you to determine how much you want to pay for your coverage. Also, it recently launched a new mobile site that allows customers to take full advantage of the standard site on their mobile devices.

Will you check out the new Progressive social responsibility site?