Progressive Allows Customers to “Name Your Own Price” for Auto Insurance Rates

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Once again, Progressive Casualty Insurance Company is living up to the expectations that their chosen name implies with a new MyRate program. In response to the contracting economy, theInsurance Research Council roughly expects that by the year 2010 one out of six drivers will cancel their auto insurance coverage as a money saving strategy. Tapping into that research, Progressive updated their website with newtechnology that will allow individuals to choose their auto insurance rates based on how much they want to pay.

Progressive MyRate Details

Bargain shoppers beware, this program does not allow you to scrimp and save by going beneath the states minimum legal level of comprehensive auto insurance. What it does provide is the flexibility to tailor the required insurance closer to your budgetary needs by providing consumers with a slider bar interface that when moved will automatically adjust to the “…closest available package of coverages,limits, and deductibles” offered in the consumers area.

The ability to name your price for auto insurance coverage is currently available in 30 states and there are plans to roll out the program nationwide by 2010.

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