Rental Car Insurance

If you’re on vacation and you decide to rent a car, you should consider getting rental car insurance. It’s a wise thing to do in case you get into an accident.

Let’s say you’re on vacation in Italy, and you decide to rent a car for a few weeks as you go exploring. Then you find yourself in a small town where the roads are much smaller and narrower than you’re used to, and you end up severely scraping another driver’s car. The damages you’d have to pay for, and the hassle involved would turn your vacation into a serious disappointment and an unexpected financial burden. So, in order to avoid a costly scenario like that, you should get rental car insurance, and safely enjoy your time abroad. Of course, the same logic applies to renting a car in the United States, too.

Before you get rental car insurance, however, make sure your own insurance company policy doesn’t already cover you. Why spend the extra money on rental car insurance if your current policy already covers you? Additionally, many credit card companies will offer rental car insurance if you use their credit card to rent the car in the first place. That could also save you a bundle, which you spend on other things, like a nice dinner out. Similarly, you may want to add rental coverage to your daily vehicle if you don’t have it already in case something happens to your car.

To find out more about car insurance, can call your current car insurance provider and ask them. You can do the same with your credit card companies too. Rental car insurance is a good idea if you want to avoid the possibility of unnecessary expenses in case of an accident.