FAQ: What are My Rights in an Auto Insurance Claim?

Experiencing damage and the lost use of your vehicle can cause huge amounts of stress, and the process of submitting an auto insurance claim can furthercomplicate the situation. As an auto insurance policyholder you have entered a contract agreement with the insurance provider. Under the terms of the contract, the insurance provider is agreeing to indemnify or reimburse you for damages that occur as specified by the policy. Your auto insurance policy is a legally binding agreement as long as you are current on your premiums.

Car Insurance Claims Rights

The basic rights extended to your auto insurance claim are established in the core system of your policy. As long as the policy premiums are paid on time, you have the following rights as a policyholder:

  • Right to receive auto insurance benefits. Requiring your insurance company to pay you for valid and legal claims
  • Right to quick and reasonable insurance claims resolutions. Will prevent you from being victimized byprice gouging or long delays.
  • Right to partake in the appraisal process. If you do not immediately agree on the settlement amount an insurer is offering, you can hire an independent appraiser to work with the insurance company to work out a fair deal.
  • Right to choose a mechanic. You may have the right to choose who will repair your vehicle – this varies from policy to policy and is not automatically guaranteed.

Auto insurance is a necessary requirement for legally operating and owning a car. The laws and the exact consumer rights governing your auto insurance policy and the claim process vary from state to state. It is important to visit your states department of insurance to thoroughly investigate the auto insurance claim rights you have in your local area.