Safeway Auto Insurance Company

Safeway Insurance, is an insurance provider specializing in auto insurance coverages. Since the company’s beginnings in suburban Chicago in 1959, millions have opted to choose Safeway auto insurance. The company has since expanded its auto insurance offerings to include nine states. Throughout Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas, over 250,000 members currently have policies with the organization. As the company continues to grow, they’ll continue their motto of “keeping promises.”

Safeway Insurance Ratings

Safeway Insurance group has earned an “A = Excellent” rating from the A.M. Best Company and is the largest privately-held, family-owned auto insurance group in the nation. Their hands-on approach for auto insurance is still conducted under the watchful eye of President William J. Parrillo who has held a leadership role with the organization since the company’s earliest days. Robert M. Bordeman is the Chief Executive Officer, who heads the overall management of the corporation.

Safeway Customer Service

Over 450 insurance professionals work diligently towards the organization’s daily goal to “…exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders: policyholders, producers, business partners, regulators, shareholders, the communities we serve and our valued employees.” To meet this end, Safeway Auto Insurance promises fast and friendly customer service backed by low auto insurance rates.

If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the nine states served by Safeway Insurance, securing a competitive auto insurance quote would be a smart move. Studies have indicated that consumers who switched their auto insurance coverage saved $539 (on average).