Should I Get Property Damage Liability Only?

It is a fact, to legally own and operate an automobile in the United States, a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage is required in some states. Although the minimum coverage amount is determined by law, the state in which a policyholder lives and registers the vehicle determines the amount essential for each vehicle. The minimum levels of auto insurance is comprised of both bodily injury liability limits and the the property damage liability limit. If you want to drive legally and provide a level of respect and responsibility to your fellow man, you need to have both in your car insurance coverage and not just property damage liability.

Do You Need Property Liability?

Property damage liability is a great type of insurance to have. If a policyholder is found at fault for causing an accident, the property damage liability portion of the policy will kick in to cover the cost of fixing or replacing the victims vehicle or other property damaged in the accident. This limit is capped by the maximum property damage liability insurance you purchased in your policy.

What Does Property Damage Liability Cover?

Property damage liability only covers property. If you get involved in a collision and are found at fault, you may also become responsible for paying the medical bills of the injured driver or passengers in that vehicle. That is where the bodily injury liability insurance comes in handy. If you choose to only get property damage liability, and are liable for the accident, you may have to pay large sums of money, based on the level of medical expenses they incur due to your driving.

Opting to only get property damage liability is not a smart decision. Not only is it probably illegal in your state, it is a foolish risk to take just to save a few dollars in the short-run as it could destroy you financially. Did you know that medical debt accounts for 60% of new bankruptcy cases? It’s true, and medical bills can come about due to medical illness or, you guessed it, bodily injury caused by accidents.

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