State Farm Teaches Auto Insurance Rules with Popular Facebook Game

State Farm has launched a six-month campaign aimed at young, inexperienced drivers that teaches the rules of auto insurance within a Facebook game. Car Town, an already popular game on Facebook, is now offering embedded ads sponsored by State Farm that teach the rules of both the road and auto insurance.

Have Fun Learning about Auto Insurance

There’s no doubt sitting down with your teens and trying to teach them the rules of the road and auto insurance is bound to bore them to death. According to the major auto insurer, this is why it decided to sponsor ads within an interactive game.

The company wanted to convey messages “about safe driving and multi-car discounts,” said Ed Gold, State Farm advertising director, in a recent interview with Marketing Daily. By doing so in a fun and interactive way, teens have a chance to learn while having a good time.

How the Game Works

If you are already a member of Facebook, simply add it as an application on your page. Once you add the application, you have the opportunity to create your own cars with custom garages to place them in, race other cars (owned by other Facebook users), go on road trips, enter car shows and more.

Some added bonuses incorporated into the game by State Farm include branded missions and virtual item giveaways. In addition, players will have the opportunity to earn bonuses of virtual currency, which players would usually have buy with real money.

The company hopes that by reaching the game’s 7.2 million active users, it’s promotions and brand messages regarding “multi-car,” “safe-driver” and “good neighbor” discounts will help more young drivers better their understanding of what it means to be a responsible driver and homeowner–all elements that help policyholders receive the best insurance discounts.