States Promote Safe Labor Day Driving

Put your auto insurance card in a safe place, buckle up and prepare for a crazy Labor Day weekend–this is the sentiment of law enforcement as they get ready for DUIs and more this holiday. States nationwide are finding cooler temperatures and reasonable gas prices could bring out some live wires this year. If you’re not properly insured, you could bear the brunt of their good times.

States Preparing for Drunk Drivers

Virtually every state around the country is taking precautionary measures to ensure drunk driving is down to a minimum this holiday weekend. In Massachusetts, there will be an additional 140 state police patrolling for drunk drivers as a part of the national “Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest” mobilization that ends Sept. 6.

After 118 arrest for drunk driving last year, the state isn’t taking any chances.

The same sentiment is being expressed in Ohio, where 17 lives were lost on the state’s roadways, seven of which were alcohol-related. Utilizing the same mobilization program, the state hopes that increasing law enforcement will bring DUIs down to a minimum.

Avoiding Accidents This Weekend

We all know that sometimes an accident is impossible to avoid no matter how safe a driver you are, though there are precautions that you can take to make life a little easier this holiday weekend:

  • Get to your destination early: Instead of starting your excursion in the late night hours, consider leaving while it’s still light out so you can avoid the drivers who have been drinking and go while the roads are easier to see.
  • Find sobriety checkpoints: Cities proudly list out the areas that drivers will be pulled over to check sobriety. If you want to avoid drunk drivers, make the route to your destination along these checkpoints.
  • Avoid DUI hot spots: As you make your route along sobriety checkpoints, you could also find the DUI hot spots in your city (the places that history has found DUIs to occur the most) and avoid them. To find them in your city, visit

Of course, your own safe driving is key during this time, so be sure to increase your awareness and defensive driving skills before hitting the road.

Amp Up Your Insurance

Even if you’re not driving your car this holiday weekend, your car could still be hit. If you don’t have adequate coverage, you could be responsible for the damage. For instance, suppose a drunk driver hit and runs your parked car in the middle of the night. If you only have liability insurance, you’ll have to pay for repairs.

However, if you amp up your coverage to comprehensive then you’ll be covered if someone hits your car. If you’re worried about hitting someone else, collision insurance ensures repairs are made.

Your Labor Day doesn’t have to be filled with worry about who will run into your car and threaten your physical and financial safety. If you take time to buckle up, drive safely and carry quality auto insurance, you should have nothing to worry about this holiday weekend.