Texting Banned for Large Truck and Bus Drivers

The U.S. government is making strides toward reducing dangerous conditions on the roads by banning hand-held texting by drivers of large commercial trucks and buses. According to published reports, this major step will help to avoid the danger largely associated with the driving under this distraction.

About the Ban

You may have read reports of state and national intentions to ban texting while behind the wheel for all drivers, but as these details get worked out, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood released a statement say that the prohibition of driving while texting for commercial vehicles takes effect immediately. This ban comes only weeks after drivers of federal government vehicles were banned from the same activity.

According to reports, those who don’t abide by this new law will face a fine of up to $2,750.

How This Ban Helps Your Auto Insurance

While this ban may not have a direct effect on your personal auto insurance policies, in an indirect way, it helps to reduce danger on the roads. As you know the commercial trucks and buses are the largest vehicles out there. If one crashes into you, the least damage it could do is destroy your car, which would have an immediate effect on your auto insurance policy. And, of course, you know what the worst could be.

By reducing the potential danger on the road by eliminating distractions, hopefully the streets and highways will be that much safer.