Texting While Driving Bans: Wisconsin is 25th State

The ongoing battle to eliminate texting while driving has resulted in Wisconsin becoming the 25th state to place a ban on this practice. There are still campaigns on the national level to eliminate texting while driving, but in the meantime, individual states like Wisconsin hope to stop their residents from continuing this dangerous activity.

Wisconsin 6th State This Year to Enforce Ban

While Wisconsin is the 25th state nationwide to enforce the ban, it is the sixth state this year to get it done. The CEO of AAA was recently quoted as saying that he believes that this ban is just one of many to come as states begin to see the relevance in stopping the dangerous activity in its tracks.

There have been many reports regarding just how dangerous the practice is; however, many drivers have continued texting and driving because of its convenience. Lawmakers and AAA hope that recent bans around the country will encourage people to pull over to the side of the road or what until they reach their destinations to use their mobile devices.

Texting While Driving Correlated to Higher Auto Insurance Premiums

Because texting while driving is considered a form of distracted driving, using a mobile device while driving is directly linked to an increase in fatal car accidents at worst, and at best an increase in auto insurance rates.

The time it takes to look down at the phone to send a text message is the time needed to react to a car that suddenly brakes in front of you. By putting the phone or mobile device away so that you can pay attention to the road, you could significantly decrease the risk of an accident.

A recent study from AAA of Southern California found that the number of drivers texting dropped by 70 percent in Orange County during the first six months after California’s ban was enforced. The hope is that bans around the country will have a similar effect to create safer driving conditions and essentially reduce auto insurance premiums for everyone.