The General Insurance

General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc has a history of writing insurance policies for Americans for 40 years through PGC Holdings Group. More commonly known as simply The General, the company offers online policies through Permanent General Assurance Corporation and Permanent General Assurance Corporation of Ohio.

Popularity with Customers

The General has a great reputation among its customers for outstanding customer service and flexible payment options. The insurer typically accepts most drivers no matter how many violations, accidents and other blemishes there may be on their driving records. Customers can still get a good deal on their General auto insurance rates.

The General Offerings

According to their website, The General also offers low down payments, convenient monthly payments and quality claims handling. There are no surprise payments or fees, and records of payments are all kept electronically. By focusing their efforts on handling claims for customers in a convenient and fast manner, The General is able to expand its customer base while assuring customer satisfaction.

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