Top 10 Car Insurance Discounts You’ve Never Heard Of

Next to a juror summons, your least favorite thing to receive in the mail is probably your car insurance bill. That’s because millions of Americans are unhappy with their high auto insurance rates, and most will never use their auto insurance unless they are involved in an accident. To help combat high car insurance bills, here are the top 10 car insurance discounts you’ve never heard of.

1. Location Discount. It’s a fact that people who reside in densely populated, metropolitan areas are at much higher risks for accidents compared to those who live in rural areas. If you’ve decided to live in the countryside, away from any major cities, you could benefit from a location discount on your auto insurance rates. In addition to the peaceful lifestyle, you can enjoy saving money on your car insurance.

2. Automatic Seat Belt/Air Bag Discount. Cars that come equipped with automatic seat belts are deemed safer, and will save more lives and better prevent serious injury. Likewise, air bags are also a beneficial safety feature that insurance companies can appreciate. If you’re upgrading from an older car that did not have these features, be sure to ask for a discount.

3. Low Mileage Discount. People who spend less time in their cars are less likely to be involved in an accident – it’s that simple. If you work a mile from home and bike or walk to work each day, you may be eligible for a low mileage discount. Taking public transportation often could also help save you miles on your car. Speak with your auto insurance representative to see how many miles you can drive each year and still qualify for this discount on your auto insurance rates.

4. Anti-Lock Brakes Discount. Safety features like anti-lock brakes can help you better control your car during periods of rapid braking, preventing accidents and injury. If you’re upgrading from an older car that did not have this technology, be sure to get a discount. Anti-lock brakes save lives and prevent property damage, and your car insurance provider should recognize this.

5. Professional Discount. If you are a teacher, engineer, or are in the military, these groups qualify for a discount because they are statistically safer drivers and are involved in less accidents. Be sure to take advantage of your career choice if you fall into one of these groups.

6. Loyalty Discount. Car insurance companies often provide multiple types of insurance, including home. If you bundle all of your insurance under one company, you could receive a loyalty discount. You can also insure multiple cars with one company for a further discount. Be sure to shop around to find the lowest auto insurance rates and deepest loyalty discount.

7. Class Discount. Taking defensive driving school or traffic school will make you a safer driver in an insurer’s view. You will better avoid accidents and ultimately be at lower risk for an accident. Your car insurance company will appreciate your proactive stance on road safety and give you a discount. You can find resources for defensive driving schools by searching the internet for your state, or by visiting your state’s DMV website.

8. Good Credit Score Discount. Although it seems unrelated, having a high credit score will alert insurance companies that you are responsible with your finances and will pay them on time. They will have less risk in insuring you, lowering your auto insurance premium. You should also make attempts to repair your credit if necessary, as it will affect every major purchase you make in your lifetime. You can get a FREE credit report and score from our partner – even if you’re not buying auto insurance, it’s good to check to see if everything is okay with your credit.

9. Anti-Theft Discount. Installing anti-theft devices will make your vehicle safer and help to prevent theft. Auto insurers will pay less money and return the favor to you. In addition, you will rest easier when leaving your car in the parking garage at work.

10. No Comprehensive/Collision Coverage Discount. For older vehicles, the amount of money you’re paying to insure your car for comprehensive or collision coverage may be greater than the value of your vehicle. It would make sense to give yourself an auto insurance rate discount by cutting off comprehensive/collision coverage. After all, the amount of money it takes to repair your car may exceed its worth.

In addition to these discounts, you can also save money on your auto insurance by knowing what types of cars cost more to insure before you buy. Applying for these discounts could help you rest a little easier when the auto insurance bill comes in the mail.