Top 5 Worthless Auto Insurance Add-Ons

It’s no secret that car insurance companies sometimes come up with policy features/riders that are basically useless. While some features like roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, gap coverage and towing and labor can be very beneficial, some being offered just aren’t.

So in case you’re not sure of what features you want before buying an auto insurance policy, take a look at the top five features that you can pretty much do without.

custom spoiler
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1. Customized Equipment

Customized equipment features can cover any variety of parts on your car, including the customized wheels, spoilers, and customized paint or decals. While this isn’t a bad option to have if you own a “Pimp My Ride” styled car, if you have a run-of-the-mill, point A to point B car, you don’t need to insure anymore than the car itself – and of course, the passengers in it.

car sound system
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2. Sound System

If an insurer tries to convince you to add on sound system coverage when you’re working with the standard manufacturer-installed system, you can feel free to throw any expletives you want their way as you tell them to remove the feature. This type of coverage protects your high-end sound system if it is stolen or damaged, but since warranties typically come with this type of purchase, you shouldn’t need this feature at all.

car rental insurance
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3. Vehicle Rental/Trip Interruption

While this feature isn’t entirely worthless, it’s really not necessary unless you are an avid traveler. Usually, you can take advantage of some decent features with your rental car, credit cards, etc., that will help reimburse you quite impressively. So paying every month for this type of feature is essentially a waste of your money.

CD car insurance
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4. CD/DVDs

Do you carry that many CDs and DVDs that you feel the need to insure them – alone? Well, if the answer is yes then you can take advantage of CD/DVD coverage that will reimburse you for a certain amount of the loss of the digital media used with your car’s stereo as long as they were in the car at the time of loss. For most people, however, this is just throw-away coverage.

windshield insurance
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5. Auto Glass

If you already have a comprehensive auto insurance policy, it will cover broken glass. So paying for additional auto glass coverage is only beneficial if you carry only liability coverage and for some reason worry that your crazy ex-boyfriend/girlfriend will smash your car windows.

When obtaining your quote for auto insurance, whether online or in person with an insurer, you want to double check that you’re not about to pay for these or other worthless auto insurance features. Affording auto coverage can be tough enough without having to pay for features that you will never use.