Tough Economy Encourages Car Insurance Seekers to Look for Cheaper Options

A recent study from Google and TNS Compete shows that 90% of car insurance shoppers are looking for cheaper alternatives to auto coverage due to the current tough economy. These results come in light of recent information from the company Cheap Auto Insurance that in comparing auto insurance rates from June 2008 to June 2009, they are the lowest they’ve been inthat 12-month span.

However, other companies show slightly different stats.For example, RateWatchobserved that car insurance rates are 12% higher in 2009 than they were in 2008. The discrepancy in details from one companyto anotheris likely attributed to varying insurance rates around the country. In states like Massachusetts, rates have dropped rather dramatically, while in states like Michigan, they have increased substantially.

Whether auto insurance rates have increased or decreased in your area, there’s nothing wrong with making every effort to find quality auto insurance at a reasonable price. The good news is shopping online for coverage is anextremely effective way to get your hands on affordable coverage. Whether you shop online for rates from companies in your area, or look to online-only insurance companies, you are likely to find rates at a price you can afford.

Some car insurance seekers have also found success with auto insurance brokers. By utilizing a broker to help you, they can search for various coverage rates for you from a variety of insurance companies. Their job is to find the cheapest rate for you, and they don’t charge a fee for the service.

However you go about finding cheaper car insurance; it’s good to know there are good options available. So if you’re apart of that 90% population looking for cheaper coverage, now’s the time to get out and begin exploring your options.