Can I Trust Online Auto Insurance Quotes?

When it comes to car insurance quotes, it’s probably easiest to find an affordable and reliable auto quote online; however, everyone is not accustomed to providing their personal details via the Internet. This is understandable. You never know who is on the other side of the computer. And you always hear in the news about various frauds related to fake websites. It’s just not easy to know who to trust.

But if you’re thinking of acquiring some auto insurance quotes online, there are some ways to determine whether the companies you’re working with are trustworthy. This will help you feel more comfortable about the online application process.

Check Your State’s Department of Insurance Site

One really easy way to decide whether an insurance company is trustworthy is to check your state’s department of insurance website. This site provides information on customer complaints and also offers basic rate information to help you decide whether the policy features offered are good deals.

Look for the “Padlock” Logo

Another way to check for the trustworthiness of a site is to look for the “lock” logo (resembles a padlock) found within the browser of a website. If you click on the lock, it tells you the security features of the site so you’ll know what’s happening to the information you enter.

Make Sure a Site Shows “Https:”

Along with the “lock” logo, you can search for “https” at the beginning of the URL. The “s” after “http” simply means secure, and let’s you know that any information you submit will be secured by the site.

Work with Auto Insurance Brokers

If you’re still not sure that you can trust an online site and their auto insurance quotes, you might consider working with a broker. Brokers have inside connections with car insurance companies and will only work with those that are trustworthy.

There’s nothing more important than making sure that the company you choose to obtain a policy with is one you can trust. So as you’re searching for auto insurance quotes, keep the above ideas in mind. Or, you can use websites like Go Insurance Rates to provide you with free auto insurance rate quotes from leading insurers, so you won’t have to deal with them directly. With Go Insurance Rates doing the work, you can rest assured that the quotes you receive are safe and high-quality every time.