Walmart and Esurance Launch Auto Insurance Discount Program

walmart 1A visit to a local Walmart location could result in some major auto insurance discounts for consumers living in Illinois. The major retailer has announced plans to launch a program with auto insurance company Esurance that could give drivers access to cheap auto insurance.

Walmart and Esurance Team Up

Walmart and Esurance are creating a pilot program that could help Illinois residents save on auto insurance. The program will allow drivers to obtain a savings card from an Esurance kiosk located in one of approximately 150 Walmart stores in the state.

The card will contain a special code that customers can use to access discounts on car insurance. After obtaining the card, customers can call a toll-free number to speak with a licensed Esurance agent or fill out an online application to receive an insurance quote.

Customers must share the savings code and answer some underwriting questions to learn about how to obtain cheap auto insurance.

While Walmart is providing kiosks for Esurance to offer the savings cards, neither company will be actually selling auto insurance to customers, according to a statement issued by Esurance.

3 Additional Ways to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

Since shopping around for auto insurance is always encouraged, even if you’re happy with your current insurer, it’s good to learn more about this Esurance offer. But this is not the only way that drivers can get their hands on great discounts:

  • Buy coverage online: Many auto insurance companies reward customers who shop for coverage online. Some companies are known to offer as much as $50 off just for receiving a quote and purchasing coverage through their website.
  • Bundle your insurance: Companies also love to reward customers who purchase more than one type of insurance. If you’re in need of homeowners and auto insurance, consider buying them from one company to save big.
  • Become a defensive driver: Individuals who are known for being good drivers are often rewarded for their skills. If you take a defensive driving course (some are available online) and tell your insurer, you could benefit from cheap auto insurance.

Whether you’re visiting a kiosk in your local Walmart or shopping for insurance online, there are many ways to save big on coverage. The key is to search for ways to reduce costs until you find a solution that matches your financial needs.

(Photo: amitp)