Why You Benefit from Collision Coverage Auto Insurance

With collision coverage, everyone benefits. You, the owner of the car and the collision coverage policy, benefit because you will be financially protected (after paying your deductible) should there be an accident involving your car (and another good thing about collision coverage is that it applies even if you are responsible for the accident). In addition, if you’re paying for your car through an auto loan, the lender benefits because their asset – your car – is protected as well. No bank or other lending institution would be responsible for repairs to your car, but they definitely do not want to see their asset be damaged without insurance.

Why Collision Insurance

Have you recently bought a car? Whether you got it used or fresh off the showroom floor, this new car is a major investment on your part. Cars are expensive, and they’re incredibly important to us for their ability to make our lives so much easier. Have you ever been without a car for week, as an adult? Getting to work becomes an issue, going to the grocery story becomes an issue, getting the kids to school becomes an issue. The bottom line is that everything becomes an issue (throw in some bad weather on top of it and now you’re really looking at a bad mood). So, in order to protect your investment and your sanity, you need to get collision insurance coverage. Collision coverage will cost you, but you’ll get it all back in the form of peace of mind. In many instances, people don’t have a choice when it comes to getting collision coverage, because if you’ve got a loan for your car the lender will require as part of the loan terms.

***Buying a car is a big deal, and so is getting collision coverage. Before you do either one, speak to a car insurance expert. Also make sure you are getting the best auto insurance rates possible by comparison-shopping for quotes often. Go Insurance Rates offers free auto insurance quotes in only a few minutes. Fill out our online form and you could be on your way to saving hundreds each year on car insurance. The process is fast and easy.***