Why Are My Auto Insurance Quotes So High?

Have you been searching for auto insurance quotes only to realize that all of them are much higher than you’d expected? This happens to many people as they search for reasonable premiums.

What Makes Auto Insurance Rates So High?

There are a number of reasons that your car insurance quotes could be high every time you check with a company. Here are a few:

  • You live in a major metropolitan area. The larger the area you live in, the greater the chances of theft. This risk to insurance providers often prompts them to raise premiums.
  • You drive a fast or popular car. If you drive a car that tempts most people to drive recklessly, or you drive a popular car that may be stolen more than others then companies may raise your rates due to increased risks.
  • Your driving record isn’t great. If you’ve had a few accidents or tickets, you may find that your auto insurance quotes are a bit higher than your friends.
  • Your credit score and history are bad. If you have a low credit score, your insurance premium will automatically be higher. Insurance companies use your credit history to determine your responsibility level. Check your FREE credit report and score to see if there are any dings you can fix right away – you’ll be glad you did.

Auto Insurance Tips

If you want to lower the auto insurance quotes you’ve been seeing, there are a few things you can do:

  • Look for discounts. One option is to see if the companies you’re checking with offer discounts for being a good driver – or for any other reason. Depending on the discount you receive, you may be able to save a lot of money.
  • Increase the deductible. When you’re obtaining quotes, a lot of coverage options are filled in for you. For instance, your deductible may automatically be set at a low number. By increasing it, say from $500 to $1,000, your monthly premium would lower.
  • Keep shopping around. If you keep searching for lower rates, you’re bound to find them. Just don’t give up.

Continuously running across high auto insurance quotes can be a bit discouraging. But if you follow the tips listed about, you may just find the rate you’re looking for. Here are some other helpful auto insurance tips for you to consider.

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