Will a Traffic Ticket Increase My Auto Insurance Rates?

Traffic tickets can affect your auto insurance rate along with other factors. The key is to know what precautions to take to avoid having your rates go up through accidental reckless driving.

Why Do Traffic Tickets Matter?

Traffic tickets are great determining factors in how well you drive, which is why getting one can increase your auto insurance rate. If the company you’re dealing with thinks you’re likely to cause problems on the road, you’re going to have to pay for the risk they’re taking in insuring you. In some cases, one speeding ticket can create a 27% increase from the base premium and by the third ticket, you might pay as much as 63% more. This means, in order to keep your rates low, you should try to avoid violations and accidents.

If you hate the idea of an increased auto insurance rate due to a traffic violation or accident, it’s a good idea to take the precautions necessary to avoid doing so.

Tips To Help You Avoid Traffic Tickets

Here are some tips to help you avoid getting a ticket.

  • Be careful on the road. The cardinal rule of driving has been and always will be to drive carefully; however, after years on the road, it’s easy to get a little bit reckless. Just keep in mind that speeding to work, talking on the cell phone, texting, and even turning around to yell at your kids can make a huge difference in safety. So if you can avoid these behaviors, you may just avoid accidents from unintentional reckless driving.
  • Educate yourself on new driving laws. Every so often, a new driving law will pass that flies under everyone’s radar. But while it’s true that you may not have known about the new law, you still have to obey it. So take time to educate yourself on driving laws to make sure that you don’t rack up traffic tickets unnecessarily.

If you enjoyed those tips, here are some other automobile insurance tips that should help you save more while driving.

With most people trying to cut costs everywhere they can, it’s good that they can avoid a high auto insurance rate just by avoiding traffic tickets. You can do it too by taking the time you need to learn your states driving laws, and then of course, obeying them.