Will Auto Insurers Require SR-22 Insurance?

An SR-22 is a common addition to auto insurance policies; however, not everyone needs one. Usually, they accompany the policies of individuals who have had some type of traffic violation and are now required to show proof that they are financially responsible for the vehicle they operate. Lets take a closer look at what they are and who needs them.

What is the SR-22?

This is a document that shows proof of financial responsibility if you plan to operate a vehicle. Most good drivers dont need to add this to their policy; however, if youve had some type of traffic violation that requires one (usually this requirement is court ordered), then it will need to be added to your auto insurance policy at the time that you file.

A few of the traffic violations that result in needing an SR-22 include DUI, DWI, serious moving violations, at-fault accidents that occurred while driving without insurance, repeat traffic offenses, having too many tickets in a short period, or having a license suspension or revocation. Along with the determination to file an SR-22, the court will determine how long you will need to keep the filing on your policy.

Luckily, the process of adding an SR-22 to your auto insurance is simple. When signing up for a policy with any insurance company online or in person, you inform them of your need to add one to your policy. There is no additional cost for doing so and the company takes on the responsibility of filing the form with your states Department of Motor Vehicles. Whenever you renew your policy, they will ask if you still need it, and if you do, you simply keep it until the required time to carry one expires.

Since carrying an SR-22 is associated with a violation, the requirement to carry one usually lasts for 3 years. Keep in mind that if you are carrying one and allow your policy to lapse, the auto insurance company will be required to report this to the state, which will result in your license being suspended or revoked.