Wisconsin the 49th State to Implement Mandatory Liability Auto Insurance

In June 2010, Wisconsin will be the 49th state to implement mandatory auto insurance in the nation. The only state left that doesnt required mandatory liability auto insurance is New Hampshire.

The Specifics of the New Law

According to a new text of the Wisconsin law, no person may operate a motor vehicle upon a highway in this state unless the owner of the vehicle has in effect a motor vehicle liability policy with respect to the vehicle being operated. In other words, drivers will be required to carry proof of insurance to traffic officers whenever driving their vehicle.

The minimum coverage limits for auto insurance policies will be set at $50,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in one accident, $100,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more people and $15,000 for injury or destruction of property of others in one accident.

Obtaining Auto Insurance Coverage is Important

Currently, it is estimated that one in 10 drivers in Wisconsin do not carry auto insurance coverage. With the passage of this law, this number is expected to increase. However, if the world was perfect, 100 percent of drivers would carry coverage. The costs associated with an accident or other related charges can be astronomical and almost impossible to pay out of pocket.

Auto insurance relieves those costs, which is why its so important to coverage. If youre concerned that you cant afford it, there are companies offering discounts just for signing up online. So why not shop around for auto insurance is to find the right coverage for your budget.