The Three Worst Movie Car Accidents

People go to the movies for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s for fun and distraction or to be moved and inspired.

We also go because we get to see characters live out exciting and dangerous situations that we’ll never have to experience ourselves, like hair-raising car chases. It’s a good thing we get our adrenaline vicariously, too, because in real life, all those car chases would result in damages almost too costly to imagine-even if the drivers had auto insurance.

Go Insurance Rates decided to try, however, by assessing some of these dramatic celluloid catastrophes, and estimating how much they’d actually cost once the glass and dust had settled.

Assuming that everyone had car insurance (talk about the suspension of disbelief), here’s what we came up with:

Final Destination

The grand total for this multi-car, over-the-top mayhem? Tough to say. Insurance companies would need to apply hundreds if not thousands of man hours to determine just exactly what happened. (Obviously, before they were done the lawsuits would be flying, and who knows where those would finally end up.)

Our best estimate? Over $15 million.

Blues Brothers

The disaster- and trouble-prone Blues Brothers, Jake (Dan Aykroyd) and Ellwood (John Belushi), get chased by the cops and a shopping mall gets in their way. The poor thing never stands a chance.

Price tag for all this mayhem and damage: $5 million.

Terminator 3

The fan really gets hit in this sequence of ruthless cyborgs cutting loose. Just about everything blows up in this sequence shown here, and whole cars, trucks, buildings, sidewalks, stores will never be the same again. Although the androids probably laugh in the face of car insurance, nonetheless, they’ll wish they’d had it once the bill comes due and they’re forced to pay out of pocket.

Grand total: $50 million.