History of Eastwood Insurance

Eastwood Insurance, based in Fullerton, CA, was founded in 1989. It is well-known for its catchy advertising campaign, which features a cowboy commiserating with someone who has paid too much for his or her auto insurance, to which the cowboy quips, “Shoulda, coulda, Eastwooda.” Beyond its memorable ad campaign, Eastwood Insurance is a major broker of auto insurance policies.

Eastwood Insurance Offerings

Eastwood Insurance focuses on non-standard auto insurance coverage. The company’s goal is and has always been to provide satisfactory motorcycle insurance, automobile insurance, RV insurance, homeowner insurance, and commercial coverage to its policy holders. As a broker, Eastwood Insurance works with policy issuers across the country, and tries to find the most reputable insurance companies to work with. Eastwood Insurance also seeks to offer only the best insurance policies to consumers, and customer satisfaction is one of the company’s greatest priorities. As a result of its efforts, Eastwood Insurance has expanded at a very fast pace. Eastwood Insurance now operates in many states, including California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

People looking for the right auto insurance could find the right deal through Eastwood Insurance. The company’s aggressive growth plan and consumer-oriented philosophy and practices make Eastwood Insurance a major entity in the world of auto insurance. If you’ve recently purchased any kind of motorized vehicle, whether it’s a motorcycle, an RV, an ATV, or just a regular car, Eastwood Insurance is worth exploring for the low insurance rates and coverage you need.