GEICO Adds New Message to Advertising Strategy

After years of trying to gain new customers with talking gecko’s and cavemen touting their bargain basement prices, the most recent GEICO insurance commercials are now promoting the company’s quality of service. The campaign is backed by GEICO’s quirky sense of humor, but the new message is promoting the 97% customer satisfaction levels of GEICO’s customer base.

The new tag line is”Accidents are Bad, but GEICO’s Good,” and these commercial spots are set to work in conjunction with previous campaigns and tag lines. The story lines of the new GEICO spots recreate the four most common types of accidents that generate claims and inanimate objects such as bumpers, grills and tree branches make the point of bragging about GEICO’s quick and reliable service.

Those concerned that this new message will affect their GEICO insurance rates need not be. The slogan”15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” still stands true.