GEICO Provides Bait to Lure Criminals

In Oakland County, Michigan, GEICO insurance is providing the local law enforcement team with cars to be used as bait to snag auto thieves. Thespecially-altered vehicle is being left around areas that are known for high theft activity because asSheriff Michael Bouchard said,”Most people who steal these types of vehicles are part of a theft ring that may be involved in other illegal activity like drugs or car jackings,” and by decreasing auto theft it will lower all the other types of crimes the illicit groups are involved in.

The rates for auto insurance are determined by a number of factors. Aside from the driver’s personal information and driving record, rates are also influenced by where the car is registered and parked. When crime goes down, GEICO insurance rates will move in the same direction.

It is common for GEICO insurance to assist law enforcement officials in order to lower the crime rate around the country. In Oakland County, GEICO insurance is not only providing the “auto bait” but is working with the localAuto Theft Task Force in order to reduce insurance card fraud rings.