Advantages and Disadvantages of Hospital Care Only Coverage

If youve considered hospital care only as a form of health insurance coverage, its good to know that there are some advantages and disadvantages of taking this route.

So before you sign on the dotted line, lets take a look at what they are.

The Advantages of Hospital Care Only

If youre not familiar with hospital care only, it is a form of health insurance coverage that pays for your in-patient hospital expenses. For instance, suppose you have a major surgery coming up and you dont have comprehensive coverage, purchasing this type of protection can ensure that your bills for the surgery, as well as other charges associated with your stay, are taken care of.

There are some definite advantages to taking on this type of health insurance coverage. One is that you dont have to worry about paying for a separate policy this one will take care of your expenses as long as youre an in-patient. Another is that it allows you to skate around having to pay for coverage year-round if you dont have the finances to do so.

Of course, with advantages also come disadvantages, so lets take a look at why hospital care only may be a bad choice.

The Disadvantages of Hospital Care Only

One major disadvantage of hospital care only health insurance coverage is that it is not comprehensive. This means it does not help you pay for any type of medical care outside of what you would receive if you are accepted as an in-patient in the hospital. While it may help to pay for a stay, it doesnt cover any other medical issues you may have.

Another disadvantage is that while your bills are covered as an in-patient, if you need hospital care that requires you to be an out-patient, it’s not covered. So for instance, lets say you are told you need surgery and you run out to get protection. Then youre informed that the surgery will be handled on an out-patient basis. In this case, no matter what services you receive (x-rays, lab tests, surgery, doctors visits), none of it will be covered.

Before you take on hospital care only, you may want to make sure that it can take care of your current and true medical needs. If not, there are plenty of health insurance offerings out there that are much more comprehensive for your needs.

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