Health Care: Are Bigger Companies Better?

When it comes to health insurance, bigger health insurance companies aren’t necessarily better. With a big health insurance company, you’re getting health insurance at the most affordable rate (at least, according to American standards- don’t forget that American health insurance is among the most expensive in the world.). You’re getting a big, stream-lined, and highly regulated machine that keeps costs as low as possible due to the sheer bargaining power of having so many participants. There are some downsides to big health insurance companies however.

American health care costs are high and it’s not accessible to everyone. Most Americans who are lucky enough to have it get it from their employers as a benefit. Employers and the companies they run participate in plans offered by big health insurance providers. These big health insurance providers contract with doctors and medical facilities to keep prices low. As part of their attempts to keep everything running smoothly, the big health insurance companies have developed extremely complex systems of rules and regulations for what they do and don’t cover. This can make life easier for many participants because it’s all spelled out for everyone to see.

Bigger health insurance companies aren’t necessarily better than smaller ones because they tend to be overwhelming in their bureaucracy and paperwork. You might also feel more like a number or a statistic because that’s really what they’re all about. Personalized customer service at one of the bigger health insurance providers may be lacking.

***To learn more about whether bigger health insurance companies are better or worse than smaller ones and other questions related to health insurance, be sure to consult with an expert. He or she can share their expertise with you and help you select the health insurance company that’s the right, best size for your needs. And, you can always find free health insurance quotes online if you’re looking for a new provider with a touch more personal care.***