Denied Health Insurance? How to Fight Back

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If you find that you are without coverage because you’ve been denied, don’t give up without a fight.

As most people without coverage agree, the health care system is broken. Part of it is the lack of cohesiveness in the system. But there are plenty of things to look into when you’ve been denied a health insurance application.

Insurance laws vary from state to state

Health insurance coverage laws vary from state to state and making it even more complicated to figure out.

Your first step to fighting the system is researching the general laws in your state in order to gain the most knowledge and comfort level needed to deal with the task at hand. Who knows, maybe you will find a legal clause to help defend why your rejection should be over turned.

Each insurance company is different

Not only do the laws regarding health insurance vary from state to state, but within a state the insurers develop their own underwriting process. That is actually good news because even though you may have been denied health insurance by provider “A,” you still may stand a shot of getting coverage from companies “B” to “Z.”

Pre-existing conditions play a big role

If the main reason your applications for health insurance are being denied is a pre-existing condition, you may be able to work with the insurance company.

You can call them and see if there is a way to get an elimination rider onto your health coverage. Yes your pre-existing condition will be exempt, but you will have some type of insurance in place to cover the other problems. And depending where you live, you may be able to join your state’s high-risk health insurance pool.

Ultimately, if you are denied health insurance you need to figure out exactly why that happened. Perhaps you were denied coverage because of human error or some reason that is truly unjust. You need to stand up for yourself and challenge the company. Who knows, you may actually win this battle.

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