Do I Have to Pay a Deductible for a PPO?

Health care and health insurance come together as one very emotional and complicated topic in the United States. We have some of the best, most cutting-edge technology and hospitals in the world, but by all accounts, the overall state of our health care system is a mess. It’s expensive, inefficient, and doesn’t cover millions of people in our country, resulting in such national shames as infant mortality rates that are significantly higher than in other industrialized nations with comparable wealth and education levels. If you’re thinking of getting your health insurance from a preferred provider organization (PPO), one of the most common managed care health insurance policy types in America, then you’re probably wondering how the whole system works, and what kind of deductibles you’ll be looking at.

With a preferred provider organization, you’ll be getting your medical treatment from doctors and medical facilities that are all paired together in a network. With your PPO membership, you can see practically any doctor in your managed care network. When it comes time to pay your bill, you will more than likely have a deductible you have to meet before the insurance kicks in.

Having to pay a deductible to your PPO is a lot like having to pay a deductible for car insurance, or any other kind of insurance. You have to pay a certain amount out of your own pocket before the insurance provider starts to cover your bills. It’s the same with a PPO.

Before you sign up for a PPO or any other kind of managed care health insurance provider, such as an HMO or POS, be sure to consult with a health insurance expert. He or she can help you evaluate your needs so that you can get the best health insurance plan for your needs. After all, this is about your body and your money, two of the most important parts of anyone’s life.