Entities Ordered to Stop Selling Unauthorized Health Insurance

The Florida insurance commissioner has ordered 12 entities to stop selling unauthorized health insurance policies in the state. According to published reports, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation began investigating the insurance companies in question after it received complaints that they were sending out fax blasts advertising cheap coverage.

About the Complaints

Individuals who complained about the companies said that the fax blasts regarding the health insurance said they’d signed up for policies that were not associated with major medical insurance as had been advertised. Instead, the policies were associated with unauthorized limited-benefit plans.

As many as 2,500 customers have purchased the insurance prior to the complaints.

Companies Involved in Complaints

The insurance companies named as those associated with the unauthorized health insurance policies include:

  • Beema-Pakistan Co. Ltd., Pakistan
  • Serve America Assurance Ltd., Blythewood, S.C.
  • Real Benefits Association, New York City
  • Affinity Group Benefits Association, Springfield, Tenn.
  • American Trade Association, Springfield, Tenn.
  • Smart Data Solutions LLC, Springfield, Tenn.
  • SDS Management Group, Springfield, Tenn.
  • Serve America Assurance
  • Real Benefits Association

Also, Bart Posey, Richard Bachman and Obed Kirkpatrick were named, who are affiliated with American Trade Association, Smart Data and SDS Management Group.

The companies and individuals have been given 21 days to challenge the action.

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