Flexibility Through Indemnity Health Insurance

Those seeking health care insurance that is flexible with many options may want to consider indemnity health insurance. To most people, indemnity health insurance plans may seem costly and more of a hassle than a managed care plan. But those who consider flexibility to be extremely important in a health plan can certainly enjoy the benefits offered through indemnity health insurance.Indemnity health insurance offers the flexibility for policyholders to work with the health care providers of choice, provide medical coverage for those who travel, and those who visit doctors outside their local area.

More Flexibility with Indemnity Health

Indemnity health insurance plans tend to be more flexible to the needs of the customers because of the structure of the plan which alleviates the role of a provider network that is most common with managed care plans. Managed health care plans tend to be more rigid as the insurance provider has made arrangements to their providers. The providers have to follow certain instructions and behaviors and handle tons of paperwork to be part of the network, and in return the insurance providers have a ballpark figure of the rates they will get billed for services rendered. This control helps mitigate the financial risks the managed health care provider is taking.

Indemnity health insurance opens up the whole playing field for the policyholder. Because policyholders can choose their own doctors, in or out of state, or even out of the country, it is hard for the insurance provider to be able to predict and manage the expenses they may incur. There is no network requiring a pre-approved policy, thus increasing the risk factor of the insurance company.

Indemnity Plans Have Higher Costs

Those opting into a flexible indemnity health insurance policy, should expect to pay more for the services as well as having to take the time to complete forms. Because the risk factor for having to pay for expensive and unpredictable medical expenses remains the burden of the insurer, policyholders will get charged higher premiums and will more than likely need to pay for their medical care out of pocket until reimbursement is processed through the insurance company. To get their money, policyholders will need to complete and submit their own paperwork as opposed to a managed care provider handling the process for their patients.

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