Health Care Proxy

Today you feel energetic and as sharp as a tack. But with a debilitating and terminal disease, those days would quickly become a rarity. While you are in a proper state of mind, it’s best to designate a health care proxy to take care of you while the illness progresses. A health care proxy grants the power of attorney to a person of your choosing who can help make the proper decisions regarding the health care provisions you choose.

Anyone over the age of 18 can be appointed an agent in a health care proxy. The person you choose to represent you at the most critical of times needs to be mentally fit for the task as well as having your best interests in their heart. They will be called to action when a qualified physician determines that your last moments are imminent and the treatments being offered to you will be ineffective.

If you do not want to live with the assistance of machines, choosing to write up a health care proxy can ensure your decisions will be carried out both by the attending physician and your agent. Health care proxies are not legally required, but will ensure that your requests are granted.

When a health care proxy and agent have been granted, the agents main goal is to make sure your wishes are followed. If there are no limitations on the health care proxy form, your representative can make the most appropriate decisions based on the preferences you stated.

It is important to clearly state your intentions in your health care proxy. Your proxy will win out over the decision of even your agent, so make sure you are careful about what to include in your proxy.