Health Expo Draws Recently Unemployed Michigan Workers

Detroit, MichiganWorkers recently laid off from their jobs lined up to take part in one of Detroits largest health expos in March for free health services. Like many other uninsured Michigan residents, laid-off workers took advantage of free mammograms, pap smears, foot screenings, and other free health tests at the 7th Annual Health Care Expo.

Free Health Services and New COBRA Laws

While many of the attendees needed the free services offered at the Detroit expo, some of the recently laid-off workers in attendance were likely unaware of their ability to take advantage of the new federal law that covers a portion of the cost of COBRA health insurance. The law, which helps workers laid off between September 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009, pays 65% of COBRA health insurance.

Criteria for Government COBRA Benefits

If you have been laid off within this time frame and wonder if you qualify, you must fit the following criteria:

  • You must have maintained your health insurance benefits after being laid off.
  • Your previous employer must still offer health insurance benefits.
  • Your income must fall below $145,000 if single and $290,000 if filing jointly.
  • You must apply by December 31, 2009.

Those recently laid-off workers who attended the Detroit expo without knowing about the new federal law were able to benefit from quality services for one day. But if help is needed more than once a year, its good to know that many Michigan workers may be able to take advantage of full health insurance benefits at a temporarily discounted rate.

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