Health Insurance Changes On the Way

It seems that we will only have to wait until June to see some health insurance barriers get lifted as a result of the health care reform bill. While some of the changes for health care reform won’t occur for a few years, some will occur in less than 80 days.

What to Expect from Health Care Soon

In as soon as three months, you may see some of the following changes:

  • Federal high-risk pool coverage for adults and kids: The government is planning to create a temporary “high risk” pool to provide health insurance coverage for underinsured adults and kids. The coverage will be affordable for individuals and families. This change is set to occur as soon as June 2010.
  • Coverage for kids: Insurers will no longer be able to deny kids due to pre-existing conditions or deny them specific coverages if they do insure them. This change will take effect as soon as September 2010.
  • No lifetime caps on coverage: According to the changes with health care reform bill, insurers will be prohibited from placing lifetime caps on coverage.
  • Gap coverage: To help retirees who are too young for Medicare but aren’t covered by their former employers, affordable reinsurance will come available to help them acquire insurance. This could take effect as soon as June 2010.

Battles Are Still Going On in Congress

Because some Congress members are not happy with the bill, there are still debates as to what should occur and what changes should be made. In addition, 14 states have sued the government based on language in the bill that requires individuals to purchase health insurance or be fined.

Hopefully the debates in Congress will not have a damaging effect on the Americans who are eagerly awaiting the benefits of the health care reform bill.