Health Insurance Plan Benefits

What sort of benefits can you expect from your employer’s health insurance plan? A lot of what you can expect from your benefits package depends upon what sort of plan you or your employer have purchased, such as a group health plan or an individual health care plan. But in general, your health insurance benefits will be whatever medical care is covered under your health policy. This would include any type of care that is either directly paid for by your group health plan, reimbursed to you, or otherwise paid by your health insurance plan. Most health insurance plans cover basic medical care such as a doctor visits and hospitalization (subject to your deductible, any co-payments or out of pocket maximum limits).

Types of Health Insurance Benefits

Other types of care can be covered by your health insurance benefits too, such as:

Vision Care. Many HMOs also cover basic vision care benefits over the course of a year. For instance, your health insurance benefits package may include a free pair of glasses every year, or even six months worth of contact lenses. Check your plan and see if you are entitled to any vision benefits under your health insurance package.

Dental Care. Dental benefits are sometimes covered under a separate insurance plan, but some plans also include basic dental care as part of your health insurance benefits package. While some cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, may not be covered under your plan, you might find a plan that covers basic care such as annual checkups and teeth cleaning. Make sure your dentist takes your health insurance plan, and that any major procedures such as root canals or bridge work are covered before you have the surgery done.

Mental Health Care. Some plans also cover therapy, medications, or substance abuse and recovery programs. Check the terms and conditions of your health care plan and see if you are eligible for any mental health benefits.