HMOs for the Self-Employed

There are many HMOs available to people who are taking the working world on their own.

They can be pretty reasonably priced, too. So if you want to become self-employed and are worried about coverage, lets look at what options are out there for you.

What are HMOs?

HMOs are also known as health maintenance organizations. Under this type of coverage, you can only see doctors that are members of the HMO.

When you sign up, you select a primary physician who will then coordinate all of your medical care. This means, if you need to see a specialist, your primary physician will refer you to that person. The only aspects of this type of plan that are exempt from the referral are visiting the OB/GYN or going to the emergency room.

What’s Better About HMOs?

What people like about HMOs is that they are typically a bit cheaper than PPOs and POSs and have no deductible, even though you do have to make a co-pay with every doctor visit. The co-pay isnt too bad, however; it falls in the ballpark of $5 to $20 depending on what your monthly premium is.

How to Obtain Health Insurance for Self-Employed

Signing up for HMOs if you’re self-employed is just a matter of finding a company that offers the coverage.

However, it’s good to make sure that there are primary care physicians in your area that work with this type of coverage. For those in big cities, this is usually not a problem. But if you live in a smaller community, you may have a more difficult time getting this type of health insurance for self-employed.

So do you think working under HMOs will suit your needs? If not, there are plenty of other types of health insurance for self-employed to explore.