How to Pick a Doctor for Your Fee-for-Service Plan

One of the most important benefits an employer can provide their staff is the gift of medical insurance.

If you are self employed, it is imperative you that you allot a portion of your income to pay for this basic necessity as health insurance will not only protect your body but also diminish the negative affects the costs can have to your financial situation.

There are a large variety of health insurance plans to choose from. However, if you believe in “freedom of choice” then the best option would be opting into a fee-for-service plan for yourself and family. Although a fee-for-service plan is the most expensive type of medical insurance, members are allowed to select their own doctors. There is no service network in place requiring policyholders to use specific medical practitioners, the decision of what doctor to select for fee-for-service plans is solely at the discretion of the member.

With the entire world of physicians at your your disposal it is up to you to select your doctor for your fee for service plan.

Some tips that may help you narrow down your selection process are:

  • To search for your doctor before you actually need their assistance as if an emergency does occur, you may have to just play the cards that are dealt to you as far as your tending physician
  • Women need to select both a general practitioner and angynecologist
  • Talk to your friends about who their health care professionals are as word of mouth is often a great way for discovering a doctor
  • Investigate whether or not the doctor of choice is in good standing with state agencies that grant medical licenses to physicians
  • Check out the physician onDocFinder
  • Before scheduling an appointment with the doctor, feel free to conduct a phone interview with them to ensure that you are comfortable with both their experience and demeanor