FAQ: How are Doctors Selected for PPOs?

When it comes to health care, Americans either get it from their employer – if the employer offers health care as a benefit – or they get it privately and pay for it out of their own pockets. If you’re wondering about health care options, you have probably heard of some of the more basic options available. One of these is called the preferred provider organization, known as a PPO. A PPO allows you to see any doctors you wish, but generally in-network health care will be less expensive. Generally speaking, under the PPO system you will end up paying a certain level of co-pay for visits to your doctors. These doctors are selected by the PPO leadership.

Selecting PPO Doctors

Preferred provider organizations are often utilized by employers, so if you’re getting your health care benefits from your place of employment then you could very well be using one. PPOs are networks of doctors and professional medical facilities that are selected by the leadership of the PPO. The doctors and facilities are evaluated and, if they meet the PPO’s selection criteria, become part of its network. Like just about everything in this day and age, some PPOs are better than others, and the quality of PPOs will vary from one to the next. A lot of this will depend on where you live, because some areas have higher concentrations of doctors and hence more choices. A PPO in the Boston area, for example, will be dealing with some of the best doctors and hospitals in the country, and even the world.

To learn more about PPOs, managed health care, health care networks and a PPO’s doctor and facility selection process, be sure to speak to a representative of the specific PPO you’re a part of. If you’re getting your PPO coverage through your employer, you can also speak with a member of your company’s human resources department. Their job is to explain details of employee benefits to the people they work with.