How Is Obama’s State of the Union Address Going to Affect Health Insurance?

Everyone who watched the State of the Union address on Wednesday were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for President Barack Obama to discuss the ever-so-controversial health care bill – however, the wait was longer than we’d expected.

The good news is that he did actually touch on the bill in the second-half of his speech. The even better news is in his speech he urged lawmakers to move forward with the health care overhaul that has caused a great deal of dissension between the parties.

He Doesn’t Plan to Scale Back

After Democrats faced their greatest nightmare – Republican Scott Brown winning Ted Kennedy’s seat in Senate – there has been a lot of talk about compromising with the bill so Republicans would support it. However, Obama expressed no desire to scale back. “I will not walk away from these Americans,” he said, “and neither should the people in this chamber.”

No Plans Specifically Addressed

Obama did make an effort to address that health care is and will be a continuous problem unless a bill is passed that can make significant changes. He explained that his goal remains to same, which is to make sure that all Americans not just acquire health insurance but are also able to afford it.

Unfortunately, the speech didn’t address the tactics necessary to actually pass the health care bill without the support of the Republican party. However, some Congressional aides have said that they expect to have a plan by the end of the week.

Responses to the Address

In Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell’s Republican party response, he was surprisingly supportive of Obama’s efforts to push for health care reform. However, he did express his displeasure with all of the current solutions on the table.

He further explained that there were similarities between the Republican and Democratic versions, including allowing families and businesses to purchase insurance across state lines.

However, some are not as optimistic about the fate of health care reform. According to the Politico, the speech may be his last effort to get the bill passed. And even Democrats like Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana thought that passing the bill as is would be very difficult. “It’s very hard to see a path forward in the current arrangement,” she noted.

The unfortunate thing about politics is that it’s just that – politics. When others are bickering over someone else’s fate, it leaves those affected to just sit and hope that the fight actually results in a positive conclusion.

What was your take on President Obama’s discussion on health care?